The original initiative is the result of the business cooperation of a Sevillian entrepreneur in love with the sea and another German. Fernando Serra and Alexander Pick, who join forces to, from their respective responsibilities, offer all the people who have chosen the destination Huelva for this month of August furrow the waters of the sea in a different way, with fully electric energy.

Without special physical conditions, without restrictions and with ample schedule, you can get on board. All the same as the intrepid navigators five centuries ago departed from these waters, now without the need of wind or waves can be made to the Atlantic.

Lampuga Demo Tour in Spanish Sailing School Islantilla

The fact of choosing Huelva for this national premiere is motivated by the desire of Serra, windsurfing champion, who in an international event wanted to bring to Islantilla this incredible and new experience. Only here, only now can this experience be lived throughout the Iberian Peninsula. «Lampuga Jet Surf».

In Huelva you can navigate these tables since last Monday in the open sea. The manager of Lampuga participated in the baptism of the experience, Alexander Pick and the director of the Spanish Sailing School, Fernando Serra.

Both wanted the success of this initiative in Spain which in turn contributes to improving the offer of tourist quality that constitute the beaches of the Costa de la Luz de Huelva, very close to where the sun sets, at the door of the Atlantic, the prestigious public relations Silvia Peris He was a godmother in an act that attracted the attention of hundreds of bathers, as well as numerous people who have already booked the experience at the Spanish Sailing School, in addition to this exclusive activity, a human team made up of more than twenty people makes possible practice any nautical activity for learning and initiation in the sea of all people.

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