Courses, rentals and classes of Catamaran for adults

Freedom on two helmets

The courses are taught in catamarans Hobie Cat 15, Hobie Twixxy Y Hobie Cat Pacific.Lhe students will carry out the theory through our e-learning system from their phone, tablet or computer, so that upon arrival at the school we will do a brief review of about 15 minutes and begin to navigate. Two students will sail in each boat, although we can include a third at a lower cost. The students will navigate alone, equipped with an innovative two-way radio transmitter from where they will receive instructions from the monitor and they will also be able to consult their doubts. The monitor will be aware of the students at all times, following them from their inflatable boat or from another Catamaran.

You can teach with the monitor on the catamaran, perfecting specific techniques such as trapeze, genaker, maneuvers ..

Introductory course
At this level we will start from scratch, and will get to have autonomy in conditions of wind and gentle waves, being able to return to the starting point.

Improvement Course
In this course we will learn more maneuvers and courses of those acquired in the course of Initiation. In addition to practicing with more wind and waves.

Courses, rentals and catamaran lessons for children

Little boaters

The courses for the youngest of the house, we teach them in the children catamaran of the brand Hobie Cat, the Catsy, a catamaran with mainsail and jib, with capacity for up to three children, although normally they will only sail in the two. The age for these courses is 6 to 12 years.

The objective of these courses is for children to enjoy the sea, have fun with the friends they have signed up with, and also the new ones they have found in this experience.

On days when there are many waves or wind, classes are postponed, the last thing that can happen is that our children are afraid of the sea, the important thing is to enjoy.

Introductory course
The Catsy courses start with a good theoretical, because once the students go to the water, there are two in each catamaran accompanied at all times by the monitor that will go on a pneumatic marking the courses, routes, maneuvers and especially watching for your safety.

Improvement Course
In this course the children will discover new maneuvers and courses, they will make excursions along the beach and if possible, they will practice with more wind and waves.


Our team

Rates catamaran courses

Adult course

For all ages and levels
190 10 hours
  • 3rd student: €130
  • 10h. duration
  • 2h of daily classes
  • 5 days
  • Extension 10h: €150
  • All the material included

Children's course

between 6 and 12 years
130 10 hours
  • 10 h. of duration
  • 2h of daily classes
  • 5 days
  • Extension 10h: € 80
  • All the material included.


1, 2 or 3 students
45 1 hour. for 1 student
  • 2 students €55
  • 3 students: €65

Catamaran rental rates

HobieCat 15 '/ Twixxy

a classic in any school
230 10 hour bonus
  • 1 hour: € 35
  • 2 hours: € 60
  • Includes life jacket

HobieCat Pacific

18 'feet for larger size and navigability
290 10 hour bonus
  • 1 hour: € 45
  • 2 hours: € 70
  • Includes vest, board and candle


of boats on the beach
70 Monthly / Annual fee
  • 5 months: €100/month
  • 2 months: €110/month
  • 1 month: €150
  • Single days: € 10

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