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The benefits of SUP (Stand Up Paddle) They are multiple and their results are spectacular, fun, de-stressing and muscular toning.

It is an excellent cardio exercise which helps to eliminate approximately thousand calories per sessionIt is also a very indicated exercise to correct postures and develop your muscles.

The HIS P It is very beneficial physically and mentally. Being in contact with water and nature contributes to a feeling of well-being, ideal to combat stress.

At this level we can start from zero or have an advanced level. In any of the cases you can count on the assistance of a monitor that will teach you how to take the first steps or, if you need it, to advise you to perfect your technique.

Paddlesurf rates


and we teach you
110 10 hour bonus
  • 1 hour: € 15
  • 2 hours: € 25
  • Includes vest, board and monitor assistance

Paddle XXL

Group fun !!!
50 10 people
  • 1 hour. of duration
  • Includes vests, XXL board and monitor assistance

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