from 6 to 14 years


From June 27 to September 9, Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

This modality arises from the demand of many parents who work in summer, also  to facilitate their children to make friends on the beach in a healthy and sporty environment, In addition to the need of many parents to have free mornings to be able to go on excursions or carry out other activities.


The participants of the Summer Camp must choose Windsurfing or Catamaran for Children or Youth as their main activity, activities that they will carry out every day (like a normal 10-hour course that we do at school). In addition, the remaining two hours will carry out activities that will depend on the weather conditions and the dynamics of the school itself. There will always be a stop at 12:00. for  change activities, drink and eat something and put sunscreen back on.

The complementary activities that we will carry out will be:

      • Paddlesurf, individual and collective.
      • Kayaks.
      • Surf.
      • OCEAN SeaPark Floating Water Park.
      • Knot workshops
      • Beach games.

When the students are not with the monitors of the main activity, (Windsurf or Catamaran) they will be with one or more free time monitors who will dynamize the activities and ensure their proper functioning as well as the safety of all participants.

We recommend that you bring a backpack with something to eat for the mid-morning stop, (route piece or sandwich) and water or juice. They should also bring sun protection, a hat and a towel.

All the participants of the Summer Camp will receive a lycra as a gift, which will serve to protect them from the sun and in turn, will help us to distinguish them from other students in the school.


The age for this activity is from 6 to 14 years, depending on the ages of the members of the group, this will be divided into two teams of different ages, to adapt the activities that we will carry out at their age, although there will be many joint activities.


We start with our Summer Camps the last week of June, and we end up completing the first week of September, for this 2022 season, the first week will start on Monday, June 27, and the last week will start on September 9. 

It takes place exclusively from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. But if necessary, parents can bring their children at 9:30 am. Since the monitors have been at the school since then, preparing all the material for the classes. 

You can start any day of the week, not necessarily a Monday, so that if you start on a Wednesday it will end on Tuesday of the following week, and if it were necessary to miss a day, there would be no problem, but always giving advance notice.


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Summer Camp

2022 season
160 weekly
  • from 6 to 14 years
  • Following weeks €135
  • Brothers €145
  • Non-cumulative discounts.

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