Summer is full of activities to enjoy with friends and family. In Huelva we are lucky to be able to enjoy the beaches and the coast with numerous options. Yelloboat's proposal is spend from a day on a boat with the family and activities such as water skiing, paddlesurfing or with drag elements, to any type of celebration like bachelor parties @ s. These boats have different proposals on the routes.

The first option is Sanlúcar de Guadiana. You cross the lowlands of Punta del Moral and Isla Canela until you reach the mouth of the Guadiana RiverOnce there, we go up the Guadiana, passing under the Guadiana International Bridge, until we reach Sanlúcar de Guadiana on the Spanish shore, there you can enjoy an aperitif, or jump on the zip line that will take us to Alcoutin, a town located in the Portuguese shore, thus passing from Spain to Portugal.

After completing the experience, sail back following the riverbed to its mouth to anchor at the Grand Beach Club, next to the breakwater of Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal) before returning.

Another starting point is the Grand Beach Club this navigation also includes the basses of Punta del Moral and Isla Canela until reaching the mouth of the Guadiana RiverOnce there, you anchor on the Portuguese shore on the beach where you can enjoy a swim and good food until you return.

The activity is designed for families as well as for any celebration.

By last From El Rompido you navigate to the mouth of the Río Piedras, next to El Portil, Once there, anchor to take a good dip and have drinks at one of the most beautiful anchorages on the Costa de la Luz. Then navigate the river and disembark at the Flecha de El Rompido next to the old Almadraba to later go to eat at the fishing village of El Rompido, where there are many high-quality restaurants. Once the day is over, we sail to the fishing port of The Lump, and from there begin the return.

The boats for these trips are the Vanguard DR 760 Family designed for families and with many features. They are equipped for cruising and their synthetic teak deck, the bathing platform or the solarium area offer a much more relaxed and comfortable image..

At the stern, the bathing platform is U-shaped, tilted by the floats and surrounding the engine, which allows us to access the water or the engine with ease. In the pre-bath a record of access to the bilge and the bilge pump has been arranged. The telescopic bathing ladder can be located on the port or starboard side. It is at the stern where most of the options are located: the shower, the light arch with the bathing ladder, the bimini that covers up to the command post.

The boats have a capacity of 12 people

The aft seat, which can accommodate three people, has a folding table over the cockpit seat structure, which also provides a handhold for stern passengers and a large stowage space under the padded seat. The stowage capacity in chests is one of the keys to deck design. The command post console is centrally located with a forward-facing seat. This space has several possible combinations.

With the table, which is optional, we can configure a space for six people, or without the table, only the padded seats, or complete the cushion area and achieve a large solarium to comfortably enjoy anchoring. But the most interesting thing is that this U-shaped seat / chest is removable, so the bow can be left unobstructed in a simple maneuver. The bow triangle is reserved for the anchor box.

The crossings have other activities depending on the starting point

This type of boat has a fiber-reinforced hull that includes a 300-liter fuel tank. This hull has been recently modified to slightly raise the freeboard; in this way the floats practically do not touch the water and splash much less. Nor do they touch the water with the boat stopped, so in prolonged anchorages or if its mooring is in water, it prevents incrustations from forming in the tubes.

The command post is located on the starboard side of the console, whose frontal space is large enough to install a good amount of electronics, mainly for those who love fishing who appreciate large sonar screens. The person in command can choose to ride while cruising while cruising at low speed, and assert their position thanks to a footrest. But the safe position in navigation at higher speeds is standing, taking advantage of the lumbar support point of the seat.

During navigation it has proven stable and with good maneuverability. The freeboard modification allows for much drier sailing than previous models because the floats only touch the water on tight turns. The hull features three lines of sprays that facilitate planing and a marked bilge that displaces the water that cuts the bow out and sticks on the inside of the tacks, making them tighter.

The combination of the Yamaha F250 engine with the Vanguard DR760 Family allows you to make daytime navigation plans to fully enjoy inaccessible coves, It even allows you to go on a journey thanks to the autonomy of the 300-liter fuel tank. With good planning you can enjoy many miles of coastline.

Features Vanguard DR760 Family
Total length: 7.60 m; Interior length: 6.10 m; Total beam: 2.86 m; Inner beam: 1.57 m; Diameter of the float: 0.60 m; Float compartments: 5; People on board: 12; Motorization: 250 hp; Fuel: 300 liters; Maximum speed: 48 knots; Shower: 100 liters of fresh water; Bathing platform and lateral bathing ladder.

Since Yellowsboats put a price of 350€ the first two hours, the additional hours will be at 100€ to this great summer activity.

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